Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few questions you should know and ask about the company you trust to move your precious belongings or business as well as questions you need to ask your self before selecting a mover.

Questions you should ask of a mover:

  • Is the company locally owned and operated.
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they conduct background checks?
  • Do they have a non-smoking crew? (saves time on your move, no smoke breaks)
  • Will your furniture be wrapped inside your home?
  • Will your sofas be plastic wrapped?
  • Will your floors be covered (hardwoods) and plastic on carpet?
  • Will your mattresses be packed?
  • Can the movers show proof of insurance and workers compensation?
  • If you mover does not have coverage, you will be made responsible if a worker gets hurt.
  • Do they have references you can contact?

How far out should you start looking for a mover?

For local moves it would be best in the summer months to set your move up as soon as possible least two weeks or more as the summer time is when most people choose to move. If you are moving in the winter, you normally need to schedule your move within a week or two however, to get the date you prefer, as much notice as possible is recommended. For long distance moves you need to schedule your move at least 3 weeks ahead of your moving date. This will allow the moving company to plan ahead so that your household can be delivered to your new home when you need it.

How can I estimate the cost of my move?

There are so many variables that go into the pricing of a move. The best way would be to call a couple of movers and ask them to come to your home and provide an estimate. This allows them to visually see your items, loading area, stairs, distance of carry, etc. This will eliminate any surprises and increase of costs on moving day. We caution against internet sites quoting you a move, we have heard many horror stories about the cost doubling and tripling after they have loaded your furniture. Basically they hold you hostage because they have your furniture. Make sure you are dealing with a recommended and reputable mover. Our whole business is based on reputation, word of mouth and repeat business.

How can I reduce my cost?

One of the simplest ways would be to get rid of items you no longer need. This would decrease weight and amount of packing and thus reduce your cost. Some of the heaviest items are not always the obvious (furniture). Clothing, books and canned goods are extremely heavy and add to the weight of your move which is what much of the price is based on. You can also decrease your cost by packing your items up yourself. We sell boxes and wrapping paper for your convenience. However, please be aware that the movers are not responsible for breakage for items you pack yourselves. I highly recommend letting a professional mover pack breakables, pictures and glass.

What makes us different from the competition?

Be aware of movers that are small and inexperienced as well as slick national movers. Many people think that by getting a “discount” mover you are saving money just by the name of the company. Please be aware of this and check out their references. We have found that many of these discount local and national movers are more expensive in the short term with their overall cost and in the long term with the damage they have caused to your furniture. I am confident in saying that we may not be the cheapest mover but we are one of the best movers in taking care of your furniture with an experienced and professional crew. We will not cut corners to be the lowest price. Doing an excellent job is why we get repeat business and why we have come highly recommended. Our reputation is too important to cut corners. We will wrap your furniture inside the house, we will plastic wrap your sofa, we will pack your mattress in boxes and we will protect your floors, these are just a few of the above and beyond services we provide all our customers.

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